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Overflow Studios  is run by Jacob Daniels and Melina out of Harvest House in Boone North Carolina. We are part of a state of the art Giclee Printing Business, an art Studio, and a gallery space.

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"Without Regrets"


"Without Regrets"


"Without Regrets"


“Far back in the neighboring mountains, alone in a log cabin with no running water and only a single fireplace for heat, lives an elderly lady. She draws her water from a well; she raises her own vegetables in the spring. Even though her husband died several years ago, and one side of her body is paralyzed due to a stroke, Aunt Arie refuses to leave. With her husbands clothes still hanging inside, washed and ready to wear, her home has become a sacred place over which she alone must now keep watch.”


“ 'Cause I've not got a thing in this world t'regret...We made a good life here, but we put in lots'a'time. Many an'many a night I've been workin' when two o'clock come in th' mornin- cardin'n'spinnin'n'sewin'. They want me t'sell an'move away from here, but I won't do it. It's just home- 'at's all. I spent my happiest days here.” - Aunt Arie

Image and description adapted from The Foxfire Book , Plate # 5 , Page 24-25

with permission of the Foxfore Museum and Heritage Center, Mountain City, GA,

 Canvas reproductions available upon custom request

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