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Overflow Studios  is run by Jacob Daniels and Melina out of Harvest House in Boone North Carolina. We are part of a state of the art Giclee Printing Business, an art Studio, and a gallery space.

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"Drawn Out"


"Drawn Out"


"Drawn Out"


"Drawn Out"
Of all sailors that roam the sea,
He tames the wind and rain,
Of all the pursuits that life can be,
He shapes us as we’re made.
He draws us out from numbing pain,
And reveals new ways to breathe

To man He says, “Lift up your eyes”
A fiery heart will burn.
The creatures of low, will take the skies

Never to return.

This Painting came to me in the form of a story. I saw myself as a fish deep down in the ocean. It was dark, cold, and there was an extreme amount of pressure. The fear of death haunted me at every turn. All of a sudden there was an upward rush to the surface. I saw that i was not alone and that other fish like me were being swept up and out of the water. As we were being drawn out there was a transformation happening. We were growing wings and turning into birds and flying out into the vast expanse of the sky and freedom. God is the great fisherman, and he has drawn us out and transformed us into new creatures. He has literally given us a new way to breath, a new way to be. We are not as we were. We can return to the sea but we cannot live there. The sky is our new home, no longer haunted by death at every turn. It is for the sake of freedom that he has set us free.

 Canvas reproductions available upon custom request

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