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Overflow Studios  is run by Jacob Daniels and Melina out of Harvest House in Boone North Carolina. We are part of a state of the art Giclee Printing Business, an art Studio, and a gallery space.

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The Creative Power of the Voice of God

Jacob Daniels

Early this morning i was sitting in my favorite green chair, desperately needing a cup of coffee. As I got up to do my morning routine my gaze was captured by the sun rising in the distance. I stopped, sat back down, and stared as the light came flooding through the trees and  it started to flood my soul. My spirit was lifted and the gears of my mind started to turn. I was quickly brought to Genesis 1. "And God said, "Let there be Light". The bible doesnt say that he sat there for thousands of years meticulously planning and plotting the Sun, its path, size, distance from the earth etc. (for which by the way if were in the smallest way off just a small amount would burn or freeze the whole earth). No he called into existence the effects of the sun, not the sun itself. God's voice is so creative that he calls out light, and everything aligns itself for light to be able to come forth. He wasn't worried about how it was going to happen. Creation was waiting in eager expectation to be brought forth. He loosed it by saying, "Let it Be"



So many times I'm so caught up in trying to make something happen. Trying to be creative or trying so hard to make the kingdom come. We have to realize that the same power that was in the voice that made light, is living inside of us. I love the idea that we do not create great ideas, we simply discover them. We don't have to know how to do something, we just have to do it. The resources of Heaven and Earth are at our fingertips and All of creation is waiting for us to be revealed; to speak over our world "Let it Be". Let hunger be no more, let love and peace permeate every culture, let creative songs, paintings, and words shift cultural atmospheres,let there be a purity of life that permeates all things, Let there be light!